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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Every year leading up to Valentine’s Day I make a big deal about not wanting or needing anything over the top (or anything for that matter) and that if my husband were to “throw a card and some candy at me”, I’d be a happy camper. Of course by this what I really mean is ‘I want all the presents’. So, come Valentine’s Day when a card and (maybe) some candy comes my way I’m thoroughly disappointed that I wasn’t “surprised” with something special. While I maintain that Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be extravagant, a little bit of luxury would be pretty sweet!

An Apple Watch to help keep my activity goals on track.

The perfect pink lipstick (I love Kidman’s Kiss).

Chic slides for around the house from a Philadelphia-based designer.

A candle that will still be smelling sweet long after the flowers die.

My favorite gummies that never seem to go stale.

Some red (and maybe white, too!) from my favorite winery (they ship!).

Cozy jammies that are pretty enough to stay in all day.

A ladylike monogrammed passport holder.

A delicate gold ring, as it is, or with a special initial stamped on it. (I’d get the smallest size and wear it on my pinky or on top of my knuckle.)

A trio of rose bath products for silky soft skin.

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