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Who What…Where?

Like many of my peers, and perhaps most of America, Target holds a special place in my life and is often the solution to a variety of first-world woes. Ran out of laundry detergent and dog food? Target. Rainy day and need to get out of the house? Target. Need Halloween candy, a bathing suit, WD-40, bananas, a car charger, diapers, and a lamp shade? Target! Well, go ahead and add a chic outfit to the list of things Target can deliver, because they have it!

Since the Who What Wear line at Target launched in January, 2016, I’ve been a big fan. Shortly after the line became available I had Cary and was in this in-between sizes phase where my regular clothes were still too tight, and maternity clothes were too big (not to mention I was sick of them!). The Who What Wear line was perfect for picking up a few things that fit, but were modestly enough priced that wearing them for only a short period of time didn’t feel like a waste of money. Some of these pieces quickly became favorites in their own right, and started making this line one of the first I look at each season.

Since that first pair of boyfriend jeans picked up on a whim, the line just keeps getting better and better. The styles feel sleek, with a slight lean toward trendy, but still maintain a classic appeal that keep them from looking too fast-fashion. The quality of the materials have also evolved, with many tops and dresses that are 100% cotton, and knits that while a synthetic blend, feel soft and luxurious with a tight weave. The best part? The price point is a fraction of other retailers, and the quality is on par.

This season Who What Wear has really delivered, and two of my favorite tops have come from the line. The first is a blue and white striped button-front top in the softest cotton with perfectly proportioned ruffles down the sides on the front and back. I cannot tell you how much I love this shirt! The fit is very flattering- I’m petite and have a larger chest, and often times button-down shirts can either pull at the chest, or look giant in the body, this does neither- and the button-front allows for easy access if, like me, you are nursing.

Right now I’ve been wearing this on repeat with my favorite Rag & Bone jeans that I got during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, and these mules, which are heaven. This shirt also comes in white, although in-person the fabric didn’t feel quite as soft, seemed a bit thinner, and would likely require something to be worn under it.

The second top that I bought and am loving is this cute little sweater, which is great for transitioning into fall. This is one that looks and feels like it costs about 5x what it does- it’s only $27.99! I love the ties at the elbows, and doesn’t the striped detailing look Gucci-esque? Especially this dress, this sweater and skirt, and this bomber jacket. One thing to note is that while the sweater is called cream on the website, it is actually a very pale peachy pink (which everyone seems to agree on in the reviews, and is way better than if it were actually cream). I styled this with silver mirrored loafers that I’ve had for ages (similar here, here, and here), these black jeans, and a leather jacket to embrace a more edgy look. This style is similar to what I’m wearing, this belted style would make me feel instantly cool, and I love the ruffles on this faux leather option.

Both of these pieces ran true to size, although I sized up to a S in the blue and white top for a roomier fit. You could do the same with the sweater, depending on how you want it to fit.

What are some of your favorite Target fashion finds?

Photos by Marti Aiken Photography

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