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My Life Changing $30 Etsy Purchase

For months I’ve been silently cursing any delivery person that knocks on our door or rings our doorbell when delivering a package. No matter when Cary sleeps, it always seems to align with the time that every package arriving that day is being delivered. (First world problems…I know…) We then have doorbells ringing, dogs barking, and unless I’m lucky, a baby crying.

For those same months I’ve been saying to myself, “I really need to make a sign that instructs any carrier to silently leave the package and run!”. Finally I’ve found a sign that is not only functional, but looks great, too.

I found this shop on Etsy, and while they have many options with different phrasing, I love how you are able to customize the sign to meet your exact needs. In addition to this, there are also different finishes to choose from so the sign fits in with your home decor. So much better than the paper I’ve had taped to the door for the past few days!

I’m so excited about this that I actually ordered 2 more to give as gifts to friends who recently had babies. While I loved and appreciated all of the gifts I received when I had Cary, this would have been a showstopper: it’s not going to get outgrown in 6 weeks, and I don’t have to wash it. Functional and long lasting!

This addition has gone up on our door just in time for the Fall and online shopping that comes with the holidays. It actually looks nice enough that I’ve taken to leaving it up all the time in hopes that the random solicitors that knock on our door for a variety of (unwanted) reasons will pass right by our house. So far, it’s working like a charm!

Now, it’s nap time!

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