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Fall Front Porch

Fall weather is FINALLY here, which means that it is time to deck the front porch our with all the mums, pumpkins, and gourds our little steps can handle! This is actually Round 2 of fall decorating, due to the unseasonable heat we had a few weeks ago that fried the first group mums I brought home. (My less than regular watering schedule during this time may have also contributed to their early demise.) I’m trying not to think of that first round as $30 bucks down the drain, but rather as double the opportunity to support the farm we went to and stimulate my local economy…right??

In any case, I’m actually happier with the colors I got this time, and these later season mums are even bigger and fluffier. This is especially nice because they will create a natural walkway up to the porch that will force trick-or-treaters to enter in a single-file line, instead of storming the porch as they did last year. I sound like whatever the Halloween version of Scrooge is!

Also, I found these baskets that look so much nicer than just the containers that the mums come in, and they don’t take up any additional space the way planters do, which is great when you have limited space, and really want to make the most of it. This company has a location close to me so I was able to pick these up in person, however they do ship. These are the most reasonably priced baskets I’ve found, and they are a great quality. They really do make a difference!

Trick-or-treat happens tonight in our neighborhood, and I can’t wait to sit outside, eat way too much candy, and enjoy our festive front porch!

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