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Fall Reading List

Lately I’ve been on a big reading kick- like, tearing through a book in a week or less, big. It all started as a way to clear out the endless yet-to-be-read books I’ve amassed that are taking up way too much space on our bookcase, and now it has become a fell-fledged good habit that I’ve developed!

Generally when I am in a ‘heavy reading’ spurt, I go down a rabbit hole of a certain genre, hopping from one book to the next until I’ve grown weary of the subject and take a reading break all together. Since my goal is to read all of the books I’ve picked up over the years so that I can donate them and clear out my bookcase (and then decorate!), the genre has changed drastically with each book I’ve read, and this has been really refreshing!

Some of these titles have been popular reads (I’m looking at you, Crazy Rich Asians), while others have been less mainstream (The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy). I thought I’d share some of the books that have been keeping me up at night, and a few that are next up in line.

Crazy Rich Asians
by Kevin Kwan

First there was London’s Bridget Jones and the Shopaholic series’ Becky Bloomwood. Then the chick lit genre moved stateside with reads that went from page to screen bringing us Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, and In Her Shoes. Now, the genre has moved to the far east, where lineage and family name is just as important as the handbag your carrying (which better be next season, lah), and old money is as coveted as new fashion. Oh, and these Singaporean characters know how to eat! Read this for the food descriptions alone.

The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy
by Robert Leleux

This was the first book I’d read in a while that left me dreading the day I finished, and am no longer in the crazy, comical world of him and his mother. As an added bonus, the author is now a successful interior designer (and former editor of Domino magazine) who has an Instagram account filled with gorgeous interiors you’ll get lost in!

by J. M. Ledgard

This haunting tale tells a fictionalized version of true events surrounding the slaughter of the largest captive herd of giraffes in a small Czechoslovakian zoo, the reason for which is still unknown. With man’s fascination with these majestic and exotic creatures as the backdrop, this book explores the ethics of captivity, the trials of a Communist state, and the parallels between the two.

Little Fires Everywhere
by Celeste Ng

I wasn’t impressed with her first novel, but after reading a few good reviews of her second, decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did! While I’m still not the biggest fan of her writing, which falls in the ‘fiction that takes itself too seriously’ category, this novel loses that persona and brings with it a much more interesting story, and characters that make you cringe at the same time you’re rooting for them.

Up Next…

China Rich Girlfriend
by Kevin Kwan

OK- I either want my fiction to be high brow, or an entirely fantastical joyride through someone’s outrageously unbelievable world, there’s no in-between! I was planning on saving this to read on the beach while we’re on vacation in January, but there’s no way I can wait until then. Good thing there’s a third novel in the series!


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