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The Polar Express with the North Museum

Starting new holiday traditions is something that is becoming so much fun now that Cary is old enough to understand that the holidays are a special time of year. At almost 3, he naturally gravitates to Christmas, Santa, trees, and lights, which is adorable when every time we go into a store he shouts, “look, Mommy! It’s Christmas!” at the decorations. 

Recently we were invited by the North Museum in Lancaster, PA to attend their Polar Express event, and we couldn’t be more excited! The Polar Express, a Christmas classic, is being shown in their Planetarium and is the perfect way to start the weekend before Christmas. To really get in the spirit, we’ve been reading The Polar Express book at home, and watched the movie last week. Trains and Christmas combined is especially exciting for Cary. I can’t wait for him to see the movie on the giant Planetarium screen!

In addition to showing the movie, The Polar Express event also includes a hot chocolate bar (yum!), readings of the book, and activities for kids like making a conductor’s hat, special exhibits on coal, and creating Polar Express ornaments. Tickets for the event also include general admission to the museum, so you can explore some of the exhibits. I have a feeling we’ll be spending a good amount of time checking out the dinosaurs!

The Polar Express event is happening Saturday, December 22nd through Monday, December 24th at the North Museum in Lancaster, PA. Tickets and showtimes can be found here

In collaboration with the North Museum

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